Skouterz News Update – September

September is a turning out to be a great month as we have received many interesting requests from our partners. Some of them include exciting travel opportunities whilst others offer incredible remuneration packages. Please make sure you’re registered on our database so we can present your profile’s for these offers. 

Our website will be undergoing some major changes. A new sleek, modern feel will be applied with applications now processed online. Any suggestions from our fans and partners will be appreciated and considered. All of our news will now be published on our Blog and also via various Social Media Platforms. We aim to have the site ready for launch by the end of December to early January. If you are registered to our mailing list you will automatically receive a notification when it’s live. 

We’re getting a lot of requests in the dominating Rap & Hip-Hip genres. It has been one of our strongest and most popular categories. Even if you don’t consider yourself a pro rapper but have some demo’s lying around, submit them to us. You will be surprised by the opportunities that are out there. 

Skouterz is searching for experienced Affiliate Marketing Partners & Country Representatives to be part of our exciting network. Please send all Resumes, Company Profiles, Portfolios and a cover letter to explaining why you will be a suitable candidate for the role. More details about the role will be sent to you once we receive your initial interest. Please note that an investment is required to join the network should you be successful. 

We would like to take the time to thank all of our registered applicants. We have received some hot talent and that motivates us more to get these dedicated artists connected! Skouterz looks forward to, and are honored to be presenting these profiles to our partners. We wish you all success!