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We're Searching For Musicians!

Are you an instrumentalist looking for paid session work? Do you have your own songs or instrumentals that you would like in the hands of the industry’s finest? Try our service to see if we can get your songs placed for TV or Film or possibly get you signed by a record label.  


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It's Time

For Your



Are you ready to leave your home studio to jam with the big dogs? Is it your time to jump to the next level?

Professional recording studios are always looking out for talented musicians to join their crew.

Many of our applicants have become paid session musicians for record labels all over the world. 

12 months pitch and submissions for just $88!

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Get Your Songs On TV & Film

If you own original recordings and would like to get them placed for television or films then send us your application. Our partners also send us requests for commercial work on television and online. Do you have the talent the industry is searching for?

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