Online Marketing Tips For Musicians


If you’re serious about your music career, then investing time into a solid online marketing plan is an essential part to ensure future growth and success. There are no more excuses! Everyone can access a computer & internet these days, and most platforms are quite user-friendly. 

Here are 5 tips to help you on your way to marketing your music online. 


Tip 1 : Social Media 

Without a doubt, this is where you are going to grow your audience. Get busy and stay active regularly to keep your fans engaged and wanting to come back for more. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & Reverbnation are some of the best platforms for artists to get their names out there! It may be tough at the start to build up your audience but be patient and also consider boosting your ads with paid advertising as this can be a very effective way of getting new fans. 

Keep your content short and sweet. Get straight to the point! Try and use these social platforms as bait while the main intention is to get your audience to click onto your website where you should have plenty of call-to-actions to make sure they engage and are locked in. 


Tip 2 : Official Website 

We strongly recommend developing an official WordPress website that is user-friendly and that showcases each aspect of what you do. To help you get ideas for the design and features of your site, we recommend searching Google for some of your favorite artists websites. Do NOT just steal their ideas and designs use these sites as a source of inspiration and guidance. 

Here are the best platforms that we recommend for developing a modern website:





Tip 3 : Blogs & Newsletter Subscription

Regular blogging and sending out Newsletters are key areas of keeping your fans engaged. Fun fresh content will keep your viewers coming back for more, but make sure you don’t flood your audience with too many blogs/newsletters. We recommend sending one to two blogs/newsletters maximum per month. Competitions and giveaways are also a great way of engaging with your audience. 

When writing blog/newsletter articles a minimum of 500 words is best, whilst a maximum of 1000 is the usual target area. Keep your content fresh and exciting and be sure to include eye-catching images. Links to other sites that relate to your article is another great way to get exposure and to network/receive backlinks for your SEO campaign. 


Tip 4: Youtube/Vlogs  

It’s been proven that people respond better to videos and there’s no better way to get exposure for this than Youtube. Videos these days do NOT need to have big budgets as you can record VLOG’s with a smartphone that will deliver great results. Get smart, get creative and start directing your band’s videos to your online audience. 

There are many other video sites other than Youtube, and including videos on your official website also adds a new element, and allows your fans to get closer to the action and gives them a better insight of how you operate. There are plenty of different ways to create exciting videos, one example is to shoot a 2-minute clip backstage of each member getting ready to rock it! Fans love to see exclusive footage like this. 


Tip 5 : Offline Advertising

Often a forgotten or overlooked part of trading online is to design offline advertising strategies to drive an audience to your website. A clever way for musicians to do this is to create flyers/discount cards to hand out to your audience at shows and other avenues. Digital discount cards will not only give you a chance to sell your music and merchandise but it also gives you the ability to present your complete project to your fans in hope that the spread your URL’s to get you new listeners. If you want to be extra creative you can also turn your music business cards into a discount card killing 2 birds with one stone! 

Advertising in local music guides and magazines are other great ways of getting offline exposure. Contact these companies to get the different advertising rates that they offer. You usually pay for the size of the ad. A key point is to always make sure that your advertising has a main feature that will encourage your fans to visit your website. A great way to do this is by offering a free track for each new subscriber or another incentive to create a strong reason for the fan to visit your site. 


We hope you enjoyed this article and that this information helps you with your online journey. Please feel free to contact us directly should you have any comments regarding this post. 


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