How To Create A Buzz In The Music Industry

How do you create a buzz in the busy Music Industry? Well, that’s what most aspiring artists want to know. Based on our experience and the stories shared with us from professionals within the industry, the best way to create a buzz is to do your own thing and to mainly focus on building your own fanbase.

Record labels are always searching for what and who is in demand. If you’re in demand, and you have a large enough fanbase then your already halfway there! A solid fanbase with a minimum of 10,000 registered fans is the starting point for most labels to start paying attention to you. This can be achieved in various ways but patience and persistence are the most important virtues needed on your journey.

The best and most obvious way to grow your fanbase is with a Social Media campaign that drives visitors to your Website where hopefully you can get them to subscribe to your mailing list in order for them to stay up-to-date and for you to communicate with them. Don’t be afraid to experiment with your social posts and blogs and get creative by offering giveaways or a competition for your audience to engage with. Another killer idea is to get your audience involved in a competition to come up with your next album name. This gives them inclusion in your project and will make them feel like part of the crew!

Keep your fans happy with freebies and exclusive content. Promise them by signing up to your mailing list, they will be rewarded. Make them feel like they are part of an exclusive VIP club. Create a build-up and then offer them exclusive backstage content or an incentive to purchase your music or even song snippets before they are released.

And remember if you do manage to create a big enough buzz in the music industry, then you have the power! If you can get record labels fighting over your signature instead of the other way around, then you are the KING! This is the ultimate position to be in if you are looking to get signed by a major record label. Don’t rush in, do your homework, get advice from the experts and don’t forget to keep on growing and being loyal to your FANBASE!