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Frequently Asked Questions!

Other than the $88 once-off application fee, are there any other costs involved? No. We do not take any further fees and we are not involved in any future deals you secure. 


Why would I use when I already have management? Your talent agent may not be getting the same opportunities that we are. Because we are a large international network we may be able to expose you and your management team to other offers. 


How will I know if I’m successful? When filling in your application there is a section for your preferred contact. You can either enter your details here or your manager’s information. Should a brand be interested in you, they will contact you directly using these details. 


Do I have to commit to the offers I receive? No. In most cases, we simply put you into the negotiation stage where you or your manager can then finalize a deal. 


If we’re in a band, do we all have to register individually? No. You can split the $88 cost between you all and apply once as a band. 


Can we change our songs, photos or profile details after the initial application? Updating profile details such as phone numbers or email addresses are fine but unfortunately, once you submit your photos and songs these are what we use for the 12 month period. If you wish to submit new material at a later stage then you must submit a new application. 


What methods of payment do you accept? We only trade safely online by using PayPal. 


Are there any guarantees? We can guarantee that your profile will get exposure and pitched to major companies, but whether they sign you or not is completely out of our control.  


What if I’m a model and a singer, do I need to apply twice? No. We will pitch you as a singer/model to both industries. 


Do you accept applications from Rappers? Yes, we do. The Hip-Hop and Rap genre is one of our most successful areas. We receive many requests for talented Rappers. Please apply as a solo artist or if it’s a Rap group then as a band. 


What if I don’t sing but I play an instrument and produce music? Our network has many contacts across all fields. We will still pitch you to record labels searching for session musicians, and also to labels looking for music production for film and television. 


What if I change my mind and want a refund? Sorry but we DO NOT give any form of refunds or compensation.  Our refund policy is very strict as we process all applications within 48 hours from the time we receive them.


Do you protect the information I provide to your website and to your affiliates? All information submitted to is protected as per our privacy policy. Please click the following link to learn more – Privacy Policy 


Where can I learn more about your Terms & Conditions? Please click on the following link to read our official Terms & Conditions. Please feel free to email us directly should you have any further questions – Terms & Conditions